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The Golf Shop of Gulfport, FL will teach any student. Be they're amateur or professional, what they are looking to know about golf and their technique by starting with swing analysis. Whether they want to improve on what they already know or want to begin learning the basics of the game, anyone can learn such from Rick Yarrington, a former long-drive champion with over 30 years of experience. He is an expert with golf clubs and golf swings, as well as the mechanics of the swing. All of this information is combined to help anyone get better at golf.


Every student is treated with courtesy at every level. Rick has taught many people over the years and has consistently made starters into pro golfers. Your swings will be analyzed and evaluated - swing evaluations are FREE.

High-quality service and dedication to those who love the sport of golf, we guarantee your satisfaction.

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Learn from the greatest

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Rick Yarrington will recognize what abilities and limitations a person has and will teach anyone how to perform better. You can expect:


• Improved play styles

• No down time

• Work with every level of player


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